Female-Founded: Eliza Blank of The Sill

Each month we’ll be showcasing female-founded companies and highlighting everything from inspiring stories to standout products. Being a female-founded company ourselves, we know the importance of lifting women up and supporting one another and we’re so excited to share these female entrepreneurs with you.

Eliza Blank of The Sill

Our first feature is The Sill, a plant delivery startup that was founded in 2012 by Eliza Blank when she was just 26 years old. Eliza raised $12,000 through a crowdfunding campaign and used the funds to purchase equipment like an indoor greenhouse and creating container prototypes. Eliza launched TheSill.com out of her apartment, purchased beginner-friendly houseplants from local nurseries and hand delivered each order to her customers herself.

Eliza's business has evolved since the startup days and The Sill now ships thousands of plants nationwide each day. The Sill has opened 5 retail locations for customers to shop in person and has even added a subscription service where customers can have plants delivered to their doorstep every month. What I and HLO find inspiring about Eliza’s story is that her business originally began as a home operation and developed into a full-fledged business that has modernized the way people shop for houseplants (what Happy Lil' One is doing for the baby clothing market). Eliza's story truly resonates with us, which is why we are so excited to be featuring her and The Sill this month.

The Sill Plants in Living Room

Many of us have been spending extra time at home so I knew it would be the perfect time to talk about bringing green into your space. There are so many health benefits to keeping plants in your home, but from a design perspective, adding a pop of green foliage with a chic planter will give your home that stylish finishing touch. There’s just something about a little green that really ties a room or office together. Eliza started her company because ‘plants make people happy’ and I couldn’t agree more, there is something so therapeutic about caring for houseplants and watching them grow.

Plants can help..
Improve concentration, productivity and memory retention
Decrease stress levels and boost your mood
Clean and purify the air

The Sill Boutique Brooklyn New York

Each houseplant from The Sill is paired with a beautiful, high-quality planter. My favorite is their mint earthenware, which is a soft, dreamy pastel with a dry finish. I found their shipping packaging very nice so this is definitely a gift you could ship directly to your recipient. The Sill also offers online workshops and their plant subscription starts at $35/month which includes a small houseplant and an earthenware planter each month.

Ready to become a plant-mom or plant-dad?

Here are my plant recommendations if you’re a beginner and just getting started. These houseplants are very forgiving when it comes to watering and can tolerate low-light environments.

Marble Queen Pothos w/ Balboa PlanterMarble Queen Pothos w/ Balboa Planter $51

Pothos are fast growers which makes it a fun and exciting plant to own. They’re also easy to propagate in water so you can share your little plant babies with friends or add them back to your plant to create a fuller look.

Snake Plant w/ Dolores PlanterSnake Plant w/ Dolores Planter $65

Wow.. these guys are truly indestructible. I’m totally guilty of forgetting to water mine for months and leaving my blackout curtains closed while going out of town. While I wouldn’t recommend any of that, I will say that Mr. Sansevieria survived the week in total darkness.

ZZ Plant w/ Hyde PlanterZZ Plant w/ Hyde Planter $57

The ZZ plant is another great beginner-friendly plant. These will do fine in lower-light conditions which makes it a popular office plant. The ZZ plant likes to dry out between waterings, so this is the perfect plant if you have a busy lifestyle.

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